Career Sampling

Getting started in a new career can be overwhelming. Our career sampling process gives you the opportunity to understand what's involved in running a financial services practice.

The program is designed to give you exposure to the daily activities and experiences of a Financial Professional. You’ll get licensed, meet clients, and create proposals and recommendations.

Throughout this process, you will work closely with a mentor from a local agency who will help you determine if a career in financial services is the right fit for you.

We know that there’s tremendous value of learning from others who’ve been in your shoes. Regardless of your current position or industry, check out this article for some helpful tips for building a strong network at work.

The Career: Sample Day

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Financial Services Representative Career


Why MassMutual?

* Eligibility applies only to those Financial Services Representatives who hold a full-time career contract with a General Agent of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and who satisfy certain production requirements. Eligibility for subsidized benefits and before-tax coverage is based on meeting certain production requirements. Benefit Plan provisions are subject to modification or termination. This material does not imply your eligibility for any one or all of the plans or programs described.